Yajima Nut Feeder







l      Product Information


Electromagnetic absorption system

Yajima nut feeder  



Patented electromagnetic absorption system  



Yajima special supply head enables very stable supply of nuts.  Top of head is made of extremely hard alloy (wear resistant) 



Easy to control direction of square nuts, round nuts, etc. 



Single feed type as standard.  We also have double feed type for two nuts of same size.  Both supply heads work either at the same time or by turn. 


Absorption possibility: in case of square nut M6/ M8 around 30 – 40 pcs per minute per supply head 



  Filling capacity of vibrator:

M6:10,000 pcs

M8: 7,000 pcs



Controled nut supply:

0 to 90 positioning of supply head  


The nut in the right position to feeding head angle

0 to max. 45



Power supply

AC100V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Supply capacity

40 - 60pcs/minute for single feed M8 square nuts

Nut shapes which can be used

Square, round. Hexagon, T, dome, with cover, with rib, collar etc.

Supply tube length


Air pressure

0.25 - 0.4MPa

Angle (Against floor)

0-  90


M4 - M12, 7/16, etc.

Equipment weight Single feed type body : 

Type S (50kgf)

Bowl size

S-Typ: 260mm

L-Typ: 350mm


Type L (90kgf)

Hopper capacity

9L (Approx. 10,000 pcs for M6 nut)

Weight of supply head:








For your special requirements, we can offer different NUT FEEDER-Type.


Please choose your suitable type for your application.






















































Specifications, designs and colors are subject to change at any time with out notice